Template:Nihongo is the title of a Japanese media franchise created by Naoko Takeuchi. It is generally credited with popularizing the concept of a sentai (team) of magical girls,[1] as well as the general re-emergence of the magical girl genre itself.Template:Fact

The story of the various metaseries revolves around the reincarnated defenders of a kingdom that once spanned the solar system, and the evil forces that they battle. The major characters—called Sailor Senshi (literally "Sailor Soldiers"; frequently called "Sailor Scouts" in the North American version)—are teenage girls who can transform into heroines named for the moon and planets (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, etc). The use of "Sailor" comes from a style of girls' school uniform popular in Japan, the sērā fuku (sailor outfit), after which the Senshi's uniforms are modeled. The elements of fantasy in the series are heavily symbolic and often based on mythology.

Sailor Moon On MoondubEdit

Sailor Moon, is primarly fandubbed and is it's main focus on Moon Dub. Upcoming Sailor Moon projects include...
Make Up! Sailor Soldiers
Sailor Moon SuperS Specials
Amys First Love


The cast has been differed dramaticly due to unknown return of Sailor Moon Fandubs, as of August 2008, most of the cast we're asked to reprise there roles.

Main Characters

Sailor Moon - Laura Fedora, Kyoko Magami
Sailor Mercury - Mippa
Sailor Mars - Kae-chan
Sailor Jupiter - Eternal Cosmos
Sailor Venus - Tiranimsu
Tuxedo Mask - Da Games Elite

Supporting / Reccuring

Rini - Kae-chan
Molly - Snowfender
Melvin - Jamiec20
Queen Beryl - Ayumi
Queen Serenity - Blueeyedblonde482
Random Monsters - Jamiec20

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