The vocal cast has been differed dramaticly due to the unknown return of Sailor Moon Fandubs by Moon Dub, as of August 2008. For Make Up Sailor Soldiers! most of the cast we're asked to reprise there roles from Sailor Moon VS Wiseman small debut project.


Main Characters

Sailor Moon - Laura Fedora, Kyoko Magami
Sailor Mercury - Mippa
Sailor Mars - Kae-chan
Sailor Jupiter - Eternal Cosmos
Sailor Venus - Tiranimsu
Tuxedo Mask - Da Games Elite

Supporting / Reccuring

Rini - Kae-chan
Molly - Snowfender
Melvin - Jamiec20
Queen Beryl - Ayumi
Queen Serenity - Blueeyedblonde482
Random Monsters - Jamiec20

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